Saturday, January 22, 2005

Welcome to Blue Skies!

Hao Kola,

This blog is designed to provide a community for all people interested in the life, works and philosophy of Ernest Thompson Seton and Woodcraft to share thoughts, writings, poetry, questions and information.

The blog is sponsored by the Ernest Thompson Seton Institute and is open to all.

Blue Skies!


StonemanBill said...

Hey- Great Idea

I am looking for Seton's volumes on the Lives of Game Animals. By the way, Seton became my spiritual mentor when I was 10 years old when my Dad read me "Biography of the Grizzly" in 1947. I look forward to visiting the Seton Museum this Spring.

Stoneman Bill

Maida said...

It's great to see the beginning of work on the Seton Castle restoration. I hope my children & grandchildren and their children will be able to visit it, and continue the spirit of love and unity with nature, the birds, animals, flowers and all life.
Maida in Nova Scotia

Tim McNeil said...

I too am happy to see this forum. I am doing serious research on Seton. I will be in New Mexico in March. Hope to visit the Castle as well as the Library at Philmont. I sure would love to be in touch with Seton family members if you are open to it. StonemanBill you can find most any Seton volumes at

Ira said...

I have three orignal art works by
E. T. Seaton and would like to know what the value of the pieces.
If anyone would like to see the art work, email me and I will get you a url to view them.
click here to email Ira
FYI: "Blues Skys" is also a skydivers salutaion.

Blues Skys,

geoWIZard said...

Seeking Ernest Thompson Seton Insititue guidelines for this bi-annual Kaw Valley Heritage SNAWS experience ...

"Sharing Native American Ways" Seminar Program HOAC-BSA