Monday, November 17, 2008

Seton and Lobo on TV

The Seton Legacy Project, a program of the Academy for the Love of Learning in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is working to make known the accomplishments of Ernest Thompson Seton to the broadest possible audience. One or our activities has included consulting on television productions. One of these, Lobo, The Wolf That Changed America, will air on the PBS program Nature on Sunday, November 23. It is a retelling of the "Lobo" story and how the wolf utterly transformed Seton. For more information about Seton and New Mexico, including an announcement about the major Seton exhibition at the New Mexico History Museum in 2010, go to

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Another Pete Seeger Interview - He's 89 and still chopping wood!

From Pitchfork Read it all here.

Pete Seeger: An internet magazine! So you don't have to cut down trees. I'll be damned. I'm living in the past. I tried to learn how to use a computer a year ago, but I gave up on it. I'm a read-aholic. I was an early reader. My older brothers were reading and I wanted to be like them. At age seven, a librarian saw that I could read fairly well and recommended me a book written for teenagers by a nature writer called Ernest Thompson Seton. He was quite a best selling author 100 years ago. He wrote books like Wild Animals I Have Known and Lives of the Hunted. The one I got into was Rolf in the Woods, about a teenager who runs away from his stepfather-- who's beating him-- and is adopted by a middle-aged Indian whose tribe was massacred, and whose wife was sold into slavery, and is living alone. So he takes this 13-year old and says, you know your books, but I know the book of nature. They flee up to the Upper Adirondacks, and every chapter is a short nature lesson.