Monday, November 17, 2008

Seton and Lobo on TV

The Seton Legacy Project, a program of the Academy for the Love of Learning in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is working to make known the accomplishments of Ernest Thompson Seton to the broadest possible audience. One or our activities has included consulting on television productions. One of these, Lobo, The Wolf That Changed America, will air on the PBS program Nature on Sunday, November 23. It is a retelling of the "Lobo" story and how the wolf utterly transformed Seton. For more information about Seton and New Mexico, including an announcement about the major Seton exhibition at the New Mexico History Museum in 2010, go to


Todd Drake said...

I watch this special last night and was moved and reminded once again that artists lead the way towards change and a better world. said...

If there's any interest, I've recorded another Seton" story for my "Stories from the Hiber-Nation" podcast: "Monarch, the Big Bear of Tallac."

The book is now running on the show, and will finish around 12/5 or so. The podcast feed can be found at