Thursday, November 06, 2008

Another Pete Seeger Interview - He's 89 and still chopping wood!

From Pitchfork Read it all here.

Pete Seeger: An internet magazine! So you don't have to cut down trees. I'll be damned. I'm living in the past. I tried to learn how to use a computer a year ago, but I gave up on it. I'm a read-aholic. I was an early reader. My older brothers were reading and I wanted to be like them. At age seven, a librarian saw that I could read fairly well and recommended me a book written for teenagers by a nature writer called Ernest Thompson Seton. He was quite a best selling author 100 years ago. He wrote books like Wild Animals I Have Known and Lives of the Hunted. The one I got into was Rolf in the Woods, about a teenager who runs away from his stepfather-- who's beating him-- and is adopted by a middle-aged Indian whose tribe was massacred, and whose wife was sold into slavery, and is living alone. So he takes this 13-year old and says, you know your books, but I know the book of nature. They flee up to the Upper Adirondacks, and every chapter is a short nature lesson.

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