Monday, March 07, 2005

Daily Program for World Woodcraft Gathering

Daily Structure:-

Arise Song 8am
Breakfast from 8:30am
Rally, for all at Gathering 10am followed by coffee
Workshop 1 (craft activity) 11am to 11:45am
Workshop 2 (craft activity) 12 noon to 12:45pm
Lunch 1pm
Workshop 3 (dance/music/theatre) 2:15 to 3pm
Workshop 4 (games) 3:15 to 4pm
Discussion Group 4:30pm with ‘afternoon tea’
Dinner 5:30pm
Evening Campfires from 7pm with cocoa…
Night Song 10:30pm

the intention is to run a series of workshops each day; enabling woodcrafters to
1. either ‘browse’ through a variety of activities; such as ‘tye-dying’, tee-shirt printing, pottery, copper wire jewellery, wood-turning, metal forging etc, or concerntrate on one activity over several days, in the morning – incliuding the totem pole we have agreed to make for the Centre…
2. practice some skills (old & new), in the afternoon…
please see draft programme – Appendix Two – for some ideas about how this may work…

detailed Programme:-

Informal Gathering from Saturday 31st July to Saturday 6th August; during which the Catering, Discussion & Workshop venues will be constructed – by those Woodcrafters present, and there will be an opportunity for sight-seeing as well as the forging & re-kindling of friendships

Sunday 7th August –
Formal Opening from 2pm
with Cermonial Feast
& evening of Glee

Monday 8th & Tuesday 9th August –
Daily Programme

Wednesday 10th August –
opportunity for hikes around the area

Thursday 11th & Friday 12th August –
Daily Programme

Saturday 13th –
Formal Closing, from 11am
commencing with full Gathering Council; to receive Reports & agree a Declaration

1. Catering will be co-ordinated by Janet Forbes, with Clans established, from a mixture of the Groups attending (see Appendix Four); to be published at the commencement of the Gathering.
2. There will be a charge of c.£10 per adult per day, c.£5 for under 18’s, plus a ‘central management charge’ of £10 for each waywarden & wayfarer
3. In order to ensure the Centre meet their costs they reserve the right to hire-out the field, on up-to 4 occassions, during our stay – we may wish to invite people using the facilities to share our Activiities
4. The Order of Woodcraft Chivalry, as co-hosts of this event, take the issues of Mis-Use of (illegal (street)) Drugs and over-consumption of alcohol seriously. There is no place at this gathering for the Mis-Use of Drugs and the use of alcohol should be considered with a view to the role-model it presents to others

The Gordon Brown Centre is owned by the London Borough of Brent & provides ‘outdoor educational experiences’ for schoolchildren. In addition to the extensive grounds – which includes tipees with accommodation sufficient for c.30 people and ample space for other camping – there is some, single-gender sleeping accomodation – in ‘bunkhouses’, together with a fully-fitte kitchen, showers & toilets

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Any report from the 2005 World Woodcraft Gathering?

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