Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Academy Comments on Press Reports regarding Seton Castle

January 3, 2006

In recent new bulletins in both newspapers and on the radio, it has been reported that Seton Castle, which was destroyed by fire on November 15th, 2005 probably won’t be rebuilt, but that we at the Academy for the Love of Learning plan to continue to use the land.

We are grateful that the public is being kept informed of our progress, but would like to take this opportunity to clarify our position. We truly do not yet know whether we will rebuild the Castle. Our intent is to take more time to reflect before deciding. We are still exploring the option of rebuilding, as well as other options, including, for example, retaining the remaining stone walls and incorporating them into something new that will reference the Castle.

Clearly the decision to rebuild or not is not one that affects only us. Many people in this community and beyond feel a deep connection to Seton Castle, the land there, and the work and legacy of Ernest Thompson Seton himself, and we have been deeply touched by the messages of support that we have received from so many since the fire. As you can imagine, this is not a decision we can take lightly and we wish to give ourselves the necessary time to assess fully the situation at the Castle in order to ensure that we take the right path forward.


Aaron Stern,
President, Academy for the Love of Learning.
1012 Marquez Place, Suite 308A,
Santa Fe, NM 87505.

Tel: 505 995 1860.


Ron said...


Thanks for the report as I have been curious about the event. Do you have any pictures to share?

Ron Vocelka
Joplin, MO

Ron Edmonds said...

We expect to have a link to a site with photos in the near future.